Um, So Blogger Sucks…

I have been maintaining two blogs through two different accounts. A couple weeks ago I decided to combine the two blogs into one, since I was tired of working on two. I imported the posts from blog #2 on to blog #1, and spent the rest of the time trying to get my monetizing stuff from #2 over to #1 as well. Finally, I got everything squared away and deleted #2 tonight. I went to write a new post on #1 only to discover that it had been disabled for violating a term of service…

My older blog got disabled for having the exact same content as my newer (now deleted) blog.

I got the smackdown for *gasp* IMPERSONATING MYSELF!

Months ago, I started this blog, but decided to stick with Blogger since it was connected to my email and Youtube accounts. Thanks to tonight’s debacle, I’m back here.

Please don’t let WordPress be a stupid as Blogger!


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