I think I’m going to throw up



Only two and a half hours until November 1st, and I’m still scrambling for a story! Yikes!

So far I have a couple of characters, a nun with a gun, a beautiful man who’s as dumb as he is gorgeous, a crazy ex-girlfriend (although I don’t have her back story yet), and an angry cocktail waitress who wants to find her widower father and fix their broken relationship.

The idea I had was based on a goofy parody of a romance novel my brother and I liked to sit around and add on to. But then I couldn’t figure out how to fit in a nun with a gun, so I turned it into a zombie story, but I’m just not feeling it.

Also, I’m not sure what I want to write to my 30 year old self and my 38 year old self (stuff on my list I figure I can check off fairly quick).

Tomorrow also starts no spending and no caffeine! Yikes!

Anyone reading this, suggestions for NaNoWriMo would be appreciated!


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