Working On A Website…

Since I’m under the impression I’m not allowed to advertize my business on Word Press (boo), I decided to go build a website dedicated to my business, where I can put as many ads as I want (so there, Word Press *sticks out tongue*).

The hardest part was figuring out layout. Even with completely customizable templates, I still found this a challenge. Fortunately I had quite a few sites for inspiration, so I cherry-picked my favorites from these sites and made them my own.

My goal is to have it up and running no later than tomorrow night. Of course I will post a link here, and I will still update this blog (I may disagree with not being allowed to post links and affiliate sites on the blog that I PAID MONEY FOR, but I love WP’s layout and easy-to-use dashboard).

Alright, I need to fold laundry and get ready for my very busy day tomorrow. I have that site to finish, plus I need to de-junk my youngest son’s room in anticipation of my parents coming to visit around Christmas! And of course the usual Monday morning house cleaning I do to restore some order after the weekend.

What are your big plans for the week? Any of them include working toward your goals? What are your goals for the next 12 months?



I have an odd confession to make: My 7-almost-8-month-old baby’s teeth bother me. WHY??!!!

He is my fourth baby, but I have been in (serious) denial that he will grow up. As if willing him to stay a baby would work! I didn’t see head control, sitting up, and seal-flopping (like crawling only without the hand-knee coordination) as growing up things, just make-my-life-slightly-easier things.

A week ago I saw the little teeth attempting to reach the surface, and a couple days ago they erupted. I kept thinking, he’s too young for teeth! Then I’d remember that he’s almost eight months. Where did the time go? My willing him to stay small was working for a while then suddenly he has teeth and is close to his first birthday!

I guess the fact that we are done having kids has really made me feel the need to cling to our last baby’s “babyhood”.

Just my random thought of the night 🙂


Since we don’t have family nearby, we stayed home and cooked our favorites. And now I’m boiling the turkey carcass for stock! I figure I am getting my money’s worth out of the turkey by not only eating the meat, but getting the flavor out of the remains. Plus, in making your own stock, you know what’s in it, or rather, what’s not (fillers, artificial flavors and preservatives, extra salt). It’s a win-win!

A Short Post On Goals

I follow @frugalmama on Twitter, but I hadn’t stopped by her blog in a WHILE. Today she tweeted a link to one of her most recent posts, and the tweet itself was so intriguing, I just HAD to take a look.

The premise of her post was making a goal, writing it down, let me say that again, WRITE IT DOWN, and then tell everyone about it (they help you stay accountable). As a side note, I have been looking over Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Challenge, and she also talks about writing it down.

But here’s where I run into a little snag. Sure, I have little goals, but none of them are really life changing. I’m not sure what I want to do when I grow up, but I DO know that I WILL be self-employed. Whether I’m homeschooling or not, I need the flexibility to be there for them. They come first.

So, now what? I have a little health and fitness side business that I’d love to make a full-time thing, BUT, I keep asking myself, “How does this align with God’s will for me?” I’ll be honest, I have no idea what God wants me to do with my life. I do know that I was called to leave the Army and be there for my kids. I don’t want to fall into the “Love of money [but] be satisfied with what [I] have” (Hebrews 13:5). Still, being able to support my family should my husband be unable to, due to injury or death, is something that has been rattling around my head lately (and being that he’s a soldier, the scenario is not totally impossible).  Or even being so successful, my husband could find other employment with less hours so he could spend more time with us would be fantastic.

Okay, now that I have that jumble out, I’m back to my original question, what big, scary, life-altering (for the better) goal should I set for myself? I know, only I can answer that. I’m going to give myself a couple more weeks to mull it over (and pray hard, because seriously, why would all of these successful moms with good descriptions of focus on goals suddenly be popping into my life, unless there’s something I’m supposed to be hearing?).

What are some of YOUR crazy-big, life-altering goals? Let me know below!

Turbo Kick!

Real quick note, I took the eight hour Turbo Kick Instructor’s Course today, and I passed! I still have a lot of practicing to do, still need to memorize the round, and I still need to audition for a job 🙂

But I did it! I’m so excited! And tired, and I still need to jump in the shower (I love all five of my readers enough to hold off on a shower for a few minutes to share my joy!).

So, Twilight…

I admit that I am the only person in the US who has not seen this movie. I still haven’t but I wanted to see what all the swooning was about, so last week I picked up the book “Twilight” from the library.

The writing isn’t very good (don’t say it, I KNOW I’m not good enough to be an author), but the story itself isn’t too bad. Not any more jerky than stuff I write.

The only parts of the story the author does well, really well, IMO, is the intense electricity between Bella and Edward. I don’t understand where the “Team Jacob” thing come into play. I guess it’s in the next book.

Overall, I’ve read better written stories (bosom-heaving, bodice-ripping, throbbing-member romance novels that can be churned out by a bored housewife in a week), but at least I don’t feel stupider for having read it (unlike the sad garbage posted on Lamebook. There was actually a young person who thought the sun was behind the moon and the moon/sun combo rotated around the earth. Why are my taxes going to public schools again?).

Anyway, another book down on my quest to read 100 books before the end of 1001 days!

My Thoughts On The Paleo Diet

For years I’ve had stomach issues whenever I eat too much white flour-based food and drink soda. I figured as long as I avoided white stuff, I’d be fine. And for the most part, I am.

This past summer, as an experiment, I went gluten- and dairy-free for a week and a half (that’s how long I lasted, *sad*). I dropped about five pounds, even though I still ate (gluten-free) cookies and (dairy-free) ice cream. I felt more energized. I quit because it was easier to eat the way the rest of my family ate. Yes, I can control what my children eat, but not my husband.

For the past couple months, I have been so sluggish, and the last month or so I have been having really bad breakouts (I’m not 15 anymore, so it’s really embarrassing). For the last two weeks, my knees have been aching and this morning, I woke up with stiff and tired legs. I’m far too young to feel so old.

Since I first started reading about crossfit (I used to do crossfit classes, but I never thought too much about them) last spring, I started seeing more an more about the “Paleo Diet”. From my understanding, this way of eating eschews grains, dairy, and legumes, and encourages copious amounts of veggies, fruits, and water, and protein comes from meat, eggs and nuts, no soy (which I avoid anyway).

As weird as it sounds, I had also did a little reading about diet and blood type (yes, totally sounds hokey, but I read EVERYTHING), and Paleo totally describes the diet prescribed for Type Os like me.

At first I was skeptical, no beans? No quinoa? Quinoa is a seed, not grain! I’ve done the vegetarian thing in the past, and enjoy using beans as a protein source (since I dislike soy). But I kept reading stories of people whose skin cleared up, slept better, had more energy, and , here’s the biggy for me, stopped having achy, crackly joints.

Since I’m pretty much at a breaking point (limping around like an invalid when I did no exercise the day before? Not cool), I’m seriously considering just doing it.

So, yeah, another crazy idea brought to you by Mama Lange! Stay tuned as I make changes to my diet to help my quality of life (I honestly don’t care about weight loss, I just want clear skin and pain-free knees)!



My first full day of only drinking water (and not spending money) was a success! It was hard not stopping by the Starbucks first thing in the morning like I do every morning. Sadly I replaced the time I would have spent at Starbucks with time on the interweb.

I was so exhausted most of the day. But I am convinced that once I get the caffeine out of my system and kick both the physiological and psychological habit, I’ll be golden. If I drink more water than I did today, that should help with the fatigue as well.

One day down, 46 to go! I can do this water-only thing!

One Of My 30 Day Goals, Again

From November 14th to December 15th, I will not spend a dime on anything, no matter how awesome the deal. No clothes (unless they’re free!), no shoes, no toys (the kids already have a ton, and December 16th is still a long time from Christmas should I cave and buy them stuff).

Only groceries and gas, but no driving around for fun. I have two working legs, and it’s not horribly hot outside anymore, I can take the kids for walks when we’re bored (when I’m not reading to them or helping my two year old with an art project while the baby naps).

Also, not bringing stuff into my house somehow doesn’t feel like enough, so I’m committing to setting up a donation box and putting five things a day into it (5×30= 150 items no longer cluttering my house and my mind!). I just need to resist the urge to sell it (although that would help one of my 101/1001 goals of establishing an emergency fund).

My Main Focus For The Last 7 Weeks

After much consideration, I decided that for the next seven weeks, I would only drink water or my Mother’s Milk tea, nothing else. No soda, no coffee, no milk (although I really only drink milk IN my coffee, so that won’t be hard).

My secondary goals are

–Run three days a week
–Go to the gym at least twice a week
–Only walk to pick up my kids from school (no driving, even if I’m late)
–Eat at least one fruit or veggie per meal
–Limit my interweb time (no surfing while nursing)
–Finish reading the Bible all the way through

My focus will be on that one thing, drinking water. Stay tuned to see what a difference hydration can make in your life!