Day One

I wrote my first 2,700 words today. Honestly, I don’t like my story much, but I can work with it.

My 30 days of not buying anything will have to start tomorrow, since the dang Halloween clearance racks were so tempting. I did  get a beautiful costume for next year and cute shoes that would probably be better for Halloween, but I’ll probably wear them anyway.

The caffeine thing will have to start tomorrow too.

I still need to write letters to myself (and do my Bible study homework, yikes!).

On my list is write/publish/sell an ebook, and my husband had the awesome idea of only publishing for, say, Kindle, and only charging 99 cents. I won’t make a bundle (it was never about the money anyway), but at least I could say my work sold!

I think I’m going to print out my list so I have a fast reference.

I’m tired. Good night!


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