Busy Day Today

My family went to an outdoor military museum this morning. There were tents set up with real gear used during the various war eras showcased. My favorite had to be the tent with the working WWII communication radios and record player. The big boys adored the M5 artillery tractor, a tracked vehicle that carried artillery pieces (cannons) and the men that operated the pieces, that we got to ride around in. We all liked learning about the other vehicles that were there, such as an M4 Sherman tank, M18 Hellcat tank destroyer, and a river boat that was used by the navy in Viet Nam.

My husband had a great time teaching the young buck manning the old rifle table all about the types the young man had displayed (including a model 1895 Krag Jorgenson that no one else had correctly identified!).

(**Pictures will be added tomorrow**).

I admit that I’m not a history buff, but I love museums, and find them to be a great tool to spark an interest in this nation’s history (or natural history, take your pick), and a great motivator to study certain subjects further when you get home. I just loved talking about what we learned today around the dinner table!

I also went to a baby shower at the local winery this afternoon for a woman in my Sunday school and women’s Bible study classes. The guests were all from the church, and I enjoyed the time spent with them outside of church.

Great weekend so far!


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