Fast, Frugal, Full-Faced Pore Clearing Peel

I can’t remember where I first read about making your own (cheap!) version of those pore strips, but it seems common enough that I shouldn’t be stepping on anyone’s toes by not giving them credit where credit is due.

I’ve played around with this recipe, and the application until I pretty much got it perfect (for me).

The original recipe calls for one full envelope of unflavored gelatine and 1-2 tablespoons of milk, mix, microwave about 20 seconds, then apply with a popsicle stick or plastic knife as soon as it’s cool enough (but not too cool as it hardens quickly). Let dry, and you’ll know it’s dry when you can’t move your face! Then peel, carefully!

My only tweak is I use half an envelope, and two generous tablespoons of milk, and I apply as thin as possible.

In addition to de-gunked pores, I notice my skin is softer, maybe because of the lactic acid in the milk acts like a mild chemical peel? Or the fat in the milk (we use 2% in this house)? Either way, the gelatine peel is one of my favorite fast and frugal beauty tools!

Oh, I’ve seen it asked on several sites who showcase this cool tip, so I will answer it now: I don’t know of a vegan/vegetarian alternative. I don’t know if soy milk will work, and I think I’ve heard of vegan gelatine made of seaweed (but I could be wrong) and I have no idea if that will work.


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