7 Weeks Left of 2011

Can you believe it!? Only 7 weeks until 2012!

Being a dreamer who likes to plan and make goals, new years are more awesome than new months (and I see every new month as a new start)!

A few places around the web have had inspirational how-to’s suggesting way readers can make the last two months great, instead of waiting until the new year to improve your life. So here I am, making a game plan for the most amazing end of the year/running start for the new year.

Of course, I’ll be working through my 101/1001 list, but I also want to get back into healthier eating habits (that aren’t habits yet, but will be!), and getting back into CONSISTENT exercise (I exercised most days of the week through my last pregnancy, but I have been inconsistent ever since he was born, whenever I felt fat). I am tired of being tired, and I sure my less-than-ideal diet is to blame, as is lack of exercise (although, since my extreme fatigue started about a month after moving here, I also suspect mold is a culprit, especially since this house was poorly maintained before we moved in).

I’ll have a more detailed plan for making the last two months great in my next post.

What are your plans for making the last two months great?







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