One Of My 30 Day Goals, Again

From November 14th to December 15th, I will not spend a dime on anything, no matter how awesome the deal. No clothes (unless they’re free!), no shoes, no toys (the kids already have a ton, and December 16th is still a long time from Christmas should I cave and buy them stuff).

Only groceries and gas, but no driving around for fun. I have two working legs, and it’s not horribly hot outside anymore, I can take the kids for walks when we’re bored (when I’m not reading to them or helping my two year old with an art project while the baby naps).

Also, not bringing stuff into my house somehow doesn’t feel like enough, so I’m committing to setting up a donation box and putting five things a day into it (5×30= 150 items no longer cluttering my house and my mind!). I just need to resist the urge to sell it (although that would help one of my 101/1001 goals of establishing an emergency fund).


5 thoughts on “One Of My 30 Day Goals, Again

      • Wow, what was your style of workout? Do you usually do boot camp drills?

        That is really great. I would love to be a personal trainer one day too. Right now I am actually getting my pilates instructor license… hopefully by February *cross fingers.* That would be cool if we could teach each other things.


      • I focused on beginners, especially women, with an emphasis on weight training. There are still women out there who believe they will look like a man if they use weights or claim they can’t lose weight when they strength train. Ok, maybe you won’t lose WEIGHT at first, but you are revving up the metabolism and BURNING FAT (more important than a number on the scale, IMO). And because I was a solider, I worked with a few to get push up and situp scores raised and run times down (I’m not a fast runner, but my speed improves when I do regular plyometric exercises, and plyos have worked for those I’ve worked with!).

        That said, my personal workouts tend to be more of the “boot camp”, cross fit and cardio kickboxing types (plus running).

        I look forward to celebrating with you when you get your instructor’s permit in February!


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