My Thoughts On The Paleo Diet

For years I’ve had stomach issues whenever I eat too much white flour-based food and drink soda. I figured as long as I avoided white stuff, I’d be fine. And for the most part, I am.

This past summer, as an experiment, I went gluten- and dairy-free for a week and a half (that’s how long I lasted, *sad*). I dropped about five pounds, even though I still ate (gluten-free) cookies and (dairy-free) ice cream. I felt more energized. I quit because it was easier to eat the way the rest of my family ate. Yes, I can control what my children eat, but not my husband.

For the past couple months, I have been so sluggish, and the last month or so I have been having really bad breakouts (I’m not 15 anymore, so it’s really embarrassing). For the last two weeks, my knees have been aching and this morning, I woke up with stiff and tired legs. I’m far too young to feel so old.

Since I first started reading about crossfit (I used to do crossfit classes, but I never thought too much about them) last spring, I started seeing more an more about the “Paleo Diet”. From my understanding, this way of eating eschews grains, dairy, and legumes, and encourages copious amounts of veggies, fruits, and water, and protein comes from meat, eggs and nuts, no soy (which I avoid anyway).

As weird as it sounds, I had also did a little reading about diet and blood type (yes, totally sounds hokey, but I read EVERYTHING), and Paleo totally describes the diet prescribed for Type Os like me.

At first I was skeptical, no beans? No quinoa? Quinoa is a seed, not grain! I’ve done the vegetarian thing in the past, and enjoy using beans as a protein source (since I dislike soy). But I kept reading stories of people whose skin cleared up, slept better, had more energy, and , here’s the biggy for me, stopped having achy, crackly joints.

Since I’m pretty much at a breaking point (limping around like an invalid when I did no exercise the day before? Not cool), I’m seriously considering just doing it.

So, yeah, another crazy idea brought to you by Mama Lange! Stay tuned as I make changes to my diet to help my quality of life (I honestly don’t care about weight loss, I just want clear skin and pain-free knees)!



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