So, Twilight…

I admit that I am the only person in the US who has not seen this movie. I still haven’t but I wanted to see what all the swooning was about, so last week I picked up the book “Twilight” from the library.

The writing isn’t very good (don’t say it, I KNOW I’m not good enough to be an author), but the story itself isn’t too bad. Not any more jerky than stuff I write.

The only parts of the story the author does well, really well, IMO, is the intense electricity between Bella and Edward. I don’t understand where the “Team Jacob” thing come into play. I guess it’s in the next book.

Overall, I’ve read better written stories (bosom-heaving, bodice-ripping, throbbing-member romance novels that can be churned out by a bored housewife in a week), but at least I don’t feel stupider for having read it (unlike the sad garbage posted on Lamebook. There was actually a young person who thought the sun was behind the moon and the moon/sun combo rotated around the earth. Why are my taxes going to public schools again?).

Anyway, another book down on my quest to read 100 books before the end of 1001 days!


One thought on “So, Twilight…

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