I have an odd confession to make: My 7-almost-8-month-old baby’s teeth bother me. WHY??!!!

He is my fourth baby, but I have been in (serious) denial that he will grow up. As if willing him to stay a baby would work! I didn’t see head control, sitting up, and seal-flopping (like crawling only without the hand-knee coordination) as growing up things, just make-my-life-slightly-easier things.

A week ago I saw the little teeth attempting to reach the surface, and a couple days ago they erupted. I kept thinking, he’s too young for teeth! Then I’d remember that he’s almost eight months. Where did the time go? My willing him to stay small was working for a while then suddenly he has teeth and is close to his first birthday!

I guess the fact that we are done having kids has really made me feel the need to cling to our last baby’s “babyhood”.

Just my random thought of the night 🙂


2 thoughts on “Teeth

  1. I have a 7-almost-8-month-old, too. Seal-flopping is a fantastic name for that stage before crawling. My little one has a single tooth at the moment, which gives him a cartoon baby look. I know what you mean about seeing a baby hit a milestone before you are ready. With baby 1, things seemed to take so long. With baby 2, I find myself wondering how he got to be so big already.


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