Working On A Website…

Since I’m under the impression I’m not allowed to advertize my business on Word Press (boo), I decided to go build a website dedicated to my business, where I can put as many ads as I want (so there, Word Press *sticks out tongue*).

The hardest part was figuring out layout. Even with completely customizable templates, I still found this a challenge. Fortunately I had quite a few sites for inspiration, so I cherry-picked my favorites from these sites and made them my own.

My goal is to have it up and running no later than tomorrow night. Of course I will post a link here, and I will still update this blog (I may disagree with not being allowed to post links and affiliate sites on the blog that I PAID MONEY FOR, but I love WP’s layout and easy-to-use dashboard).

Alright, I need to fold laundry and get ready for my very busy day tomorrow. I have that site to finish, plus I need to de-junk my youngest son’s room in anticipation of my parents coming to visit around Christmas! And of course the usual Monday morning house cleaning I do to restore some order after the weekend.

What are your big plans for the week? Any of them include working toward your goals? What are your goals for the next 12 months?


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