Upcoming Cleaning/Organizing Projects

Since deciding that going primal for me and gluten-free/casein-free/soy-free for the kids would be beneficial for our health, I realized step one would be cleaning out the pantry. If it’s not there, we can’t eat it. I started this project this morning, but decided to hold off until I could get a picture of the mess that is my pantry, plus I need to wait until the baby goes down for a nap.

Then I thought, why stop at the pantry? So I decided that I will clear out my desk, my dresser/closet, my kids’ rooms, and eventually my garage. And you, my lucky readers, get to see the progress! Ha ha! Actually, putting my goals on my blog help keep me accountable, so really, you all are helping me! Thank you! Oh, and this will help fulfill a couple of my 101/1001 goals (getting organized, owning less than I do now, and by selling off the excess, starting the emergency savings fund. Oh, and blogging about my projects, i should be able to complete the write a blog every day for 30 days goal. Much accomplishment all around!).

So here we are, a few days into the new year. I trust you’ve written out your goals? What steps are you taking to accomplish them?


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