I was reading a web-based story written by a guy on one of my emergency-preparedness forums, and someone made a comment about his recent installment. The commenter said that the guy in the story, and everyone else, should include caffeine (since one should travel at night so as not to be seen by bad guys should one have to get home on foot after a natural disaster). He then linked to CAFFEINE SOAP!!! Awesome!

So I started digging around, and found lotion and shampoo (although this one isn’t as fun as it is marketed as a remedy for fine or thinning hair. My hair is fine so I may check it out anyway) as well. Oooh! And I just found a chocolate cake flavored caffeine infused lip balm! I know what I’m getting next time I have a little money!

Also, I just wanted to throw in what I had for breakfast this morning. See, I LOVE Shakeology. If a protein shake is like a chicken breast, Shakeology is like a chicken breast with five plates of salad. Although caffeine isn’t necessary for the energy lift I get from drinking this stuff, I still love to throw in a tube of Starbuck’s Via for the coffee flavor (side note, I hate instant coffee, but this Via stuff is actually really good). This morning I also ground up some almonds before mixing in the Shake, Via and unsweetened almond milk. Oh, wow, it tasted like a mocha almond fudge milkshake! Enhanced with caffeine boost!



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