The End Of Dress On, Hair Down

This morning I put on a pair of jeans for the first time in a week. I missed my jeans, but I’m also missing looking more pulled together. I thought it would be easy to just go through my wardrobe this morning and pull out the stuff I knew I would never wear again (well, I may have worn them once or twice more, but I’m focusing on things that will get worn at least 3 times a month). Then I got to thinking, “Maybe I should rethink what I wear on an average day. I proved I CAN clean the house and care for babies in a dress, and look cute in the process.” So now I’m thinking of how I can use what I have to dress up my jeans on a daily basis. I enjoyed looking nicer.

Here’s a shocker: My hair is still down! Once I got over the initial annoyance of my hair in my face (fixed with headbands and hair clips) and my hair frizzing out (I have an anti frizz cream that works well enough), I didn’t mind it down. But the single biggest reason my hair is still down is last night my husband said he liked my hair down (but he wants me to do what makes me happy). I like making him happy, so even though he is cool with me doing whatever with my hair (it IS my hair) I decided to leave it down unless I absolutely need it up, like in the summer, where the temps regularly stay in the low 100s.

OK, so which thing am I going to work on checking off my list next? Hmm…


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