A Little Update

Yes, I got this picture off Amazon.

I’ve been very busy lately with church and kids and Bible reading. My goal for this year is to read the Bible cover-to-cover 4 times. A couple days ago I finished the Old Testament and today I just started James (which is actually the book we’re studying in Sunday school!). I’m sure I’ll finish the whole Bible before Easter.

Also, I’ve started working out again. I’ve been doing the Brazil Butt Lift program (it is such a goofy name and I swear I giggle like a little girl whenever I type it out or tell my friends about it!). I’ve really enjoyed the combination of dance and resistance training. Admittedly, I’m not working out to look “hot”, get thin, or even get healthy. I’m doing it because of the discipline involved in doing it. I get up at 5 a.m. to read my Bible for 30 min, then I work out for another 30-40 minutes. Since starting my day with Bible reading and exercise, I find myself being extra productive during the day. Discipline begets discipline, I suppose.

When I’m not at church, cleaning my house, reading my Bible, doing a workout program with a goofy name, chasing children and sleeping, I’ve also been reading. Please run as fast as you can to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and get Jen Hatmaker’s “7, An experimental mutiny against excess.” It rocked my world. I’ve been looking at ways to reach out to the under serviced in my area, downsizing my junk, and taking better care of the earth God created for us to care for (being green isn’t just for godless hippies and tree-huggers). I haven’t completed any of the tasks I’ve set for myself that were inspired by the book, but I have loads of time after my inlaws leave (they’re here for the week since it’s spring break for the older kids and my third baby’s birthday on Friday. He’ll be three!). OK, I’m off to read the book a fourth time!