Shaping Up To Be A Busy Summer!

I’m so excited! I just finished up my schedule for June and August (part of July is spoken for out of state)!

Daily schedule involves a walk to the park and playtime before it gets hot, and the hottest part of the day is set aside for schoolwork (we don’t homeschool, but I want to so bad!), reading time for all those summer reading programs, individual play, character training, memory verses, and quiet rest time.

Late afternoon will have us doing one extra cleaning task, free play indoors and outside playtime, most likely involving water (I may even get my car washed on a regular basis this way, ha ha!). And of course after dinner we have our family Bible time.

Thanks to the books “Managers Of Their Homes” and “Managers Of Their Chores,” I see this summer being productive and low on the “I’m bored” complaints.

Also, I have to throw this out there really quick, but I’ve been trying to find a daily personal planner that fits my needs as a mom of four, and I could never find anything I really liked. Then a couple nights ago I was playing with and stumbled on the blog and the blogger there came up with this really cool “seasonal planner” that I loved so much I grabbed an old thee-pronged folder and scoured the internet for similar printables (that were free), and I assembled it this afternoon. Between my “goals” page and my month-spread-across-two-pages calender, I came up with a schedule for extra cleaning tasks (such as wiping down walls in the kitchen one day, cleaning the glass doors in the kitchen the next day, wiping baseboards another day, little tasks that aren’t part of daily/weekly cleaning).

Ambitious? Yes. Impossible? No. But I have a bigger goal of preparing for the possibility of homeschooling full-time, plus I have changed my mindset from “raising children” to “raising godly young men,” which has changed the way I approach parenting and planning activities/schedules for my boys. I think, with having goals bigger than “keeping the children entertained,” or “just get through the summer with my sanity in tact,” it makes my proposed plan for the summer not seem so daunting.

Now, the need to lose 10 lbs in the next 6 weeks or so, THAT’S an overwhelming prospect! I’m hoping the daily walks to the park (with me pushing the stroller around the track for part of that time), combined with less internet time (I only have 30-45 minutes scheduled in the evening, mostly for blogging) and more home organization/cleaning will be enough physical activity to see a small change. OK, there will be more than that, but I’ll leave the weight-loss stuff for another post 🙂

What are your plans for the summer? Let me know in the comment section below!


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