Looong Day!

This is my first full day without my husband (who is on a trip visiting several libraries and the National Archive for his graduate thesis). This is not my first time taking care of everything while he’s gone (he’s been in the Army since before we got married, so between a year-long deployment and several trainings ranging from one week to six months, I’m used to “holding down the fort”), and I have my routines preset and ready for me to rock after he leaves.

One of those routines is getting up early (5:20 a.m.) so I can shower and dress before the kids get up. This morning, the baby decided to wake up at 4:50. After nursing and changing him, he was ready to go back to bed at 5:15. Joy.

While the baby had his morning nap, I worked on a big project of mine, clearing out and reorganizing my older boys’ room. It was nuts how much junk accumulated in their room! When I sent them in to pick up their room a few days ago, they threw toys in the trash bag along with trash simply because they didn’t want to play with them any more (why they have THAT many toys is another, mother-in-law related story that I will tell another time, ugh). Since I didn’t want them throwing away functional, non-broken toys, I took it upon myself to clear out their room for them.

I had a planned nap at 1p.m., but the baby fought going down. I decided for sanity’s sake I would put him in his crib, hope he went to sleep, and take a quick 30 minute nap myself. No nap for me, ha ha! My three-year-old, who is potty-training, decided that he had to go potty every five minutes. So just as I would start to doze off, “Mama, I have to go potty.” Finally, after the 5th trip to the potty, the baby started crying so I gave up on a nap and got him out of bed.

Now, the baby isn’t so much a baby as he is a young toddler (just started walking about two weeks ago), so between keeping him out of EVERYTHING (I’m working on dejunking his room too… it’s our storage for boxes we have yet to unpack), and jumping up to help my rambunctious potty-training preschooler (who kept asking for something to drink ALL THE TIME), I was feeling run-down to the point of wanting to cry by 2 p.m.

Fortunately then rest of the day ran fairly smooth, but cooking for and caring for four children by yourself is a lot of work (I wouldn’t trade it for the world), and it definitely compounded my weariness. (Oh, and the older kids and I made cake pops. We finished our chores early, and I like to give them a project to keep them from running around the house like wild animals).

It is now just after 8 p.m. and the baby is wide awake, and I still have stuff to do like water outside plants (I can’t take him with me), and call my husband and try to come up with something interesting to say (I really don’t have anything), and drag it out for 30 minutes, then feel guilty when I get off the phone after such a short amount of time. I just want sleep! Am I so selfish for wanting a little sleep?

Ok, whining done. I’m going to put the baby down whether he likes it or not. Thanks for reading!


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