Am I Ready Yet?

Once upon a time there was a young woman who was very active. She was in the Army where 5 days a week she’d work out. While in the Army she struggled with her weight, at least up until her last assignment, but over the course of her career studied as much as she could about fitness and weight loss. After getting out of the Army, the young woman continued working out and learning everything she could about fitness, weight loss and peak physical performance. And one day, she took the test and became a personal trainer.

While she loved working out and helping others get healthier, sometimes the stress of trying not to gain weight (she still wasn’t where she wanted to be, but her bigger battle was to keep from getting bigger) wore on her energy and self-esteem. And one day, she quit.

She quit working out (it was only convenient to work out at 5:30 a.m., and she was just too tired getting up that early for a long period of time), and feeling discouraged by the process of healthy eating (the young woman hated all the cutting, trimming, and chopping involved in fresh food prep, plus her children would flat out refuse to eat some of the dishes she worked so hard on. No, the children didn’t get anything else for dinner, they straight up chose to go to bed without dinner), she decided to stop making real food, and instead purchased easy-to-cook meals (to be fair though, she cooked fresh meat and sometimes added a salad or some kind of veggie from a can). The young woman used to love cooking, but she got so bogged down by her meals not getting eaten, and prep time is nightmare time with a toddler begging to get picked up and a couple more kids deciding that since mama was occupied chopping up something they weren’t going to eat anyway that it was the right time to play chase-down-wrestle-mania-let’s-fight-over-one-of-a-thousand-cars-stress-mama-out-game.

The combination of not working out and eating mostly fake “food” and other such garbage made her fat. The young woman fully accepted that her poor choices led her to her few clothes from last summer not fitting as well as they could and this intense need to avoid cameras. She felt ashamed. How does a former soldier, former personal trainer let her self-discipline slip away? How could one with such a background let herself get to where she is now, trying to find clothes that camouflage her growing thighs and don’t dig into her squishy gut? And when did she develop an intense dislike for sweating?

She has always believed you have to be READY, really ready to make the changes necessary to get healthy, ready to form the self-discipline required to stick with the changes past a week (or in her case, past two days). So even though she still feels disdain for getting up early, sweating, and actually having to chop veggies (she thinks it might be worth the money to buy pre-chopped), she still finds her self asking this past couple weeks, “Am I ready yet?”

So, is she ready to commit to working out three days a week? Is she ready to stop eating ice cream and start eating celery? Is she ready to stop feeling like a sad slug? Find out tomorrow!


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