Day One– Cauliflower Rice and Learning To Cook Again

Pic from Pretty much what my cauliflower rice looked like.



Day one is always they best, isn’t it? The motivational high you experience once your decision is made to change carries you past every temptation and even makes sucky things not seem so bad. For me, that’s cooking.
You see, chopping all those veggies and handling gooey raw chicken with grumpy hungry kids bickering in the next room is extremely unappealing to me. Couple that with kids who sometimes flat-out refuse to eat what I cook (and it’s always the meals I put time and effort into), and I get burnt-out real quick and resort to pre-made “food” that, with a simple removal from the package and thrown in the oven, is done with very little effort, leaving me with more time to keep the kids from killing each other.

Tonight though, I had my first day motivation, and was only slightly annoyed that I decided to take on that much chopping. I even handled raw chicken (quick side note, I will never, NEVER be a vegetarian/vegan. Tried a couple times, decided it was not for me). And then I learned that I kind of still suck at stir fry. My veggies always seem too soggy, I don’t know. Still edible though. And the kids ate it…
Oh, almost forgot, since I’m working toward a paleo/primal diet, I did not eat the rice I prepared for my family. I did, however, make cauliflower “rice.” It’s real simple, just put your shredding attachment in your food processor, then throw in cauliflower florets. Looks like rice, and can be eaten raw or lightly heated up. I heated mine up a little since I was mixing some of it in with one of my children’s rice (he asked for some of my “rice.” Yes, my child eats cauliflower). I have to say, I almost like cauli rice better than real rice (almost).

So now, my list of the good and the not so good. What went right today:

  • I was very careful about eating very clean
  • I drank lots of water
  • I chose not to eat out of boredom (though I did find myself in the fridge several times)

What I need to do better:

  • Drink less coffee. I strongly prefer my coffee with milk and a squirt of chocolate syrup (no, I did not throw it away yet)
  • I need to move more. Though today was a scheduled “no workout” day, I still need to stop sitting so much

Alright! I’m excited to start working out again tomorrow morning! My husband is feeling like a slug too, so he will be getting up with me, although he will be out running while I’m in the living room kicking and punching. But hey, he will make sure I get up on time!


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