Top Ten Things That Have Helped Me Lose Weight This Week











This is my first foray into the “Tuesday Top Ten List” thingy, and I am so excited!

Top Ten Things I Did This Week To Help Me Lose 4 lbs

  1. I eat fat. I cook with butter, coconut oil and olive oil. The added fat keeps my food from digesting too fast.
  2. I eat protein at every meal.
  3. I eat a ton of veggies. I like feeling full (not stuffed though, that’s gross!). Plus veggies are full of fiber and water.
  4. I drink water. No soda, juice, milk (except a splash in my coffee, but I’m working on it).
  5. I eat chocolate, the expensive fair trade, organic, 80% cocoa kind, just one small square, after the kids go to bed so I can really sit and enjoy it.
  6. I don’t work out for more than 40 minutes. I find that if I work out too long, I get really hungry the rest of the day, not matter what I eat.
  7. I don’t eat grains. At all. I don’t miss them. I also am not sluggish, sad, or constipated, most likely because…
  8. I eat fruit when I get a snack attack in the afternoon. I’m really into plums right now.
  9. I try to go to bed at a decent time. I feel the need to eat when I’m over tired.
  10. I write this blog. Knowing that people are reading about what I’m doing keeps me accountable. Whenever I think about eating something when I’m not actually hungry, I think about how I’d have to write about it here, and that’s embarrassing!

So there ya have it. I’m not a nutrition expert, but I can read, and I enjoy experimenting on myself to see what works. I’m a never-ending project, and it’s fun!


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