My Trip To Dallas


I clean up pretty well!



My healthy eating and exercise lasted ONE day of my trip. After that, temptation, coupled with lack of sleep, got the best of me.

It’s all OK though! I had a great time in Dallas, met new friends, connected with old friends, solidified my goal (I will be a Mary Kay Sales Director by January 1st), and about died when the newest skincare line, Timewise Repair, and the newest perfume, Dance To Life, were introduced! They’re not available through my website yet, but I can still order Repair right now (which means I can order for you if you shoot me an email)! I can’t wait to tell you more about this new line in future posts!

Oh, one more thing, I am super excited about the company challenge, 50 Faces in 50 Days, in celebration of Mary Kay Inc.’s 50th anniversary! I have been challenged to have 50 women try our amazing skincare in 50 days! Big goal! But the big  ones are the ones worth doing!