Semper Gumby





Way back in the day, I was a soldier in the US Army. Thanks to my eight years in, I learned all kinds of fun little phrases like, “Clear as mud,” and, “hurry up and wait,” and, “go get me a box of grid squares.”
But the one that I realized is most appropriate for my current schedule is, “Semper Gumby,” meaning, “always flexible.”
Something I’ve discovered about myself is no matter how much I really want to get up at 5 a.m., it’s just not going to happen. So instead of beating myself up for not waking early enough to get in a workout and a personal Bible study, I moved these pieces around. Now I do my Bible study during the baby’s afternoon nap and work out at 7:30-8 p.m. The bonus to working out at night is that I shower at night and can twist my hair up so I can have curly hair the next day, plus I don’t feel as bad about taking a little longer to wake up! The best part is this makes me more consistent in accomplishing things that are important to me.

What about all those studies that say working out at night will keep you up all night or cause you to not burn as much fat since you’ve been eating all day? I’m no scientist, nor do I have time to conduct studies of such things, but I know what’s working for me (plus I believe weight loss is more about diet than exercise, and I like to exercise for the discipline of doing it consistently).


So don’t be afraid to shake things up! Turn off the TV, shut down your computer, and suddenly there’s more time to do stuff in the evening, like working out! And don’t worry about what others say the “best” time to do things, the best time, like the best exercise program, is the one you’ll stick with.




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