Day 3 Of Primal Challenge

Big lesson here, remove garbage from house, restock fridge with real food, then begin challenge. I did none of that. But it’s okay! I have not veered too far off course (still drink coffee, with milk… drinking less though!).

I have felt off all week and I’m using that as my excuse for not exercising, or even walking. BUT! I have been shutting off the computer a couple hours before bed the last couple nights and have actually spent time chatting with my husband. Oh, how I love actually talking with him instead of watching some show on netflix with him! In turn, I’ve found it easier to get to sleep at night. I have a light filter on my computer that cuts the blue, cutting back on the negative stimulation of my brain, but even that hasn’t been as effective as just shutting off the computer. Plus, building relationships totally rocks! My husband is a funny, intelligent man, and I sincerely enjoy his company.

Gotta go! I need to get ready for my walk to and from picking up my older kids from school (easy way to get my long, slow movement in).


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