Ugh, Halloween

Really torn right now. We don’t celebrate Halloween, but our church is having a “trunk-or-treat,” which I have considered going to. I want to go because I like the people at my church and I’d like to at least stop by and say hi. But if we go, I’d feel obligated to put costumes on my children (which would be participating in something we don’t celebrate), and then what about the candy? I would hate to throw it away, and I sure don’t want us to eat ALL of it (a couple pieces are fine, but not every day for a month). Really, I could send it to Dave’s work, but I’m sure his co-workers (who all have kids) would be doing the same thing, and I would sure feel bad about fattening up a bunch of soldiers.

So basically I want to go to a Halloween party to see my friends but I don’t want to get dressed up or bring candy home, which seems unfair to the kids, who would have no choice but to go with me. Yes they’d see their friends, but the friends would be dressed up and bringing home candy. I hate Halloween.


One thought on “Ugh, Halloween

  1. So sorry you hate Halloween. Just cuz of the candy? The commercialization? I’m sure it would be frustrating this time of year for those that didn’t like it.


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