So I need to start running…

go do them


Sadly I missed out on signing up for the 17.75k race, which means I’m not able to run the Marine Corps Marathon this October. BUT, I did sign up for the Historic Half, coming up in May. I haven’t run a mile in, um, months. It needs to stop being so stinking cold!

So anyway, I’ve been loving the heck out of my Tae Kwon Do classes, and I’m about to test for my third belt next weekend, and my fourth belt in April (right before the Virginia Beach tournament, yikes!). My flexibility and strength is slowly coming back, and my ability to remember forms quickly is improving! I’m telling ya right now, go sign up for a martial arts class. I’m serious! The benefits go beyond some amazing abs!

But Arley, you say, I’m too old to start! Bull pucky! I just started a couple months ago, and I’m almost 31 (I know it’s “young” but my goodness I can tell that I am not 15 any more!), and I’ve given birth to four babies. My strength and flexibility and cardiovascular endurance are not as amazing as they used to be even five years ago (but those area are improving!). I used to be a machine. Now I’m squishy, stiff, and slow. BUT none of this stops me because I decided that I am NOT too old to do anything I set my mind to.




I wanted a black belt when I was a teen, but life got in the way. Here I am fifteen plus years later, and I am on track to get a black belt before I’m 32, less than two years from starting over. I feel I must repeat:



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