I’m on FIRE!!

Yesterday I ran three miles. Okay, it was 60% walking, but the rest was running. It didn’t hurt. This is HUGE. 

Today I ran three miles. It was almost ten minutes faster, because I ran that much more! I still walked, but the improvement is there. 

I wanted to find my trainer and give him a gross, sweaty hug. His program, based on his physical therapy training, is WORKING. Fortunately for him, I didn’t find him. 

Stronger, faster, getting better every day. I want to cry, I’m so happy. 

My knees ache now, several hours after my run, but it’s bringing back memories of when I easily ran twice today’s distance. Yes, good memories are associated with my achy knees. 

For the first time in almost a year, I have hope. And it feels SO GOOD! 
Ice and oils tonight (yes, I jumped on the essential oils bandwagon), early to bed, easy walk and yoga tomorrow. 


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