Who Is Mama Lange?

I’m your average stay-at-home mom. My hottie of a husband and I have been married almost 13 years and have four sweet boys.

My kids and I are active in Tae Kwon Do, and I love that we have an activity that we can do as a family! We homeschool and are active in our church. When I’m not kicking butt, teaching math, or spreading the Good News, I’m also trying to clear out the clutter in our house (with six people in our house, and four of them being the only grandchildren between the two sets of grandparents, stuff accumulates and becomes overwhelming quickly!).

This is my blog, my opinions are my own, if you don’t agree with me, fine, but don’t try to change my mind. Also, put-downs, potty language, spam, and unkind/unhelpful comments will be deleted. Let this be your happy place full of sweetness and joy, and joyness! (Bonus points if you get the reference!)


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