Yipee!! NaNoWriMo Starts In 29 Days!

Last year I discovered a month-long event called National Novel Writing Month, where the challenge is writing 50,000 words in 30 days. Last year, since I didn’t find out about this until a week before, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to think of a story (or even just an idea for a story), so I spent the first two weeks rewriting the beginning and ended with just under 11,000 words 😦
I have had a whole year to think of a story, and I have all kinds of ideas, but I’m still not set on one. I just know I want to take something dark and make it funny (I’m a huge fan of post-apocalyptic world stories and stories of a dystopic world (like Fahrenheit 451 or 1984). Think about it, even when things around you really suck, someone still manages to crack a wry joke about their circumstances. I’m generally a very happy, silly person, and I want that to show through in my story. I still have a month to figure it out!


You may be asking yourself, “Should I get involved in this craziness? I heard everyone has a novel rattling around their brain.” I say, heck yeah! But if that’s not enough for you, I strongly suggest you read “10 Reasons You Should Do NaNoWriMo.


A Little Update

Yes, I got this picture off Amazon.

I’ve been very busy lately with church and kids and Bible reading. My goal for this year is to read the Bible cover-to-cover 4 times. A couple days ago I finished the Old Testament and today I just started James (which is actually the book we’re studying in Sunday school!). I’m sure I’ll finish the whole Bible before Easter.

Also, I’ve started working out again. I’ve been doing the Brazil Butt Lift program (it is such a goofy name and I swear I giggle like a little girl whenever I type it out or tell my friends about it!). I’ve really enjoyed the combination of dance and resistance training. Admittedly, I’m not working out to look “hot”, get thin, or even get healthy. I’m doing it because of the discipline involved in doing it. I get up at 5 a.m. to read my Bible for 30 min, then I work out for another 30-40 minutes. Since starting my day with Bible reading and exercise, I find myself being extra productive during the day. Discipline begets discipline, I suppose.

When I’m not at church, cleaning my house, reading my Bible, doing a workout program with a goofy name, chasing children and sleeping, I’ve also been reading. Please run as fast as you can to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and get Jen Hatmaker’s “7, An experimental mutiny against excess.” It rocked my world. I’ve been looking at ways to reach out to the under serviced in my area, downsizing my junk, and taking better care of the earth God created for us to care for (being green isn’t just for godless hippies and tree-huggers). I haven’t completed any of the tasks I’ve set for myself that were inspired by the book, but I have loads of time after my inlaws leave (they’re here for the week since it’s spring break for the older kids and my third baby’s birthday on Friday. He’ll be three!). OK, I’m off to read the book a fourth time!

The End Of Dress On, Hair Down

This morning I put on a pair of jeans for the first time in a week. I missed my jeans, but I’m also missing looking more pulled together. I thought it would be easy to just go through my wardrobe this morning and pull out the stuff I knew I would never wear again (well, I may have worn them once or twice more, but I’m focusing on things that will get worn at least 3 times a month). Then I got to thinking, “Maybe I should rethink what I wear on an average day. I proved I CAN clean the house and care for babies in a dress, and look cute in the process.” So now I’m thinking of how I can use what I have to dress up my jeans on a daily basis. I enjoyed looking nicer.

Here’s a shocker: My hair is still down! Once I got over the initial annoyance of my hair in my face (fixed with headbands and hair clips) and my hair frizzing out (I have an anti frizz cream that works well enough), I didn’t mind it down. But the single biggest reason my hair is still down is last night my husband said he liked my hair down (but he wants me to do what makes me happy). I like making him happy, so even though he is cool with me doing whatever with my hair (it IS my hair) I decided to leave it down unless I absolutely need it up, like in the summer, where the temps regularly stay in the low 100s.

OK, so which thing am I going to work on checking off my list next? Hmm…

Day Three Recap

Ok, so I’m pretty much tired of this dress. I miss my jeans and t shirts. I think this challenge would have been less of a challenge had I worn the same pair of jeans and the same t shirt all week. But jeans a t shirt don’t always fit the occasion, hence the dress.

BUT!!! It’s only four days in and already I’ve been reevaluating my closet. I really DON’T need the huge amount I have. The problem is that I’m having a hard time letting go. An emotional attachment to clothes? What the heck? No, it’s more of a “this is a good, basic piece that can go with everything business-like, what if I need it in the future?” I have a couple pencil skirts that while cute, are too dressy for anything other than church. I’m a proud stay at home mom, I don’t need THAT many business-type pieces. And now that I realized no one has said anything at church about the fact that I’ve been wearing the same outfit for a couple days now, I’m almost confident I could do what people did way back in the day and own my one Sunday-Goin’-To-Meetin’ dress (not this dress though!).

This project isn’t over yet (I have through Sunday), but already I’m really thinking about how much money I’m going to save by not buying something new when I’m bored, or because I think I “need” it. Seriously, no one cares what you’re wearing (unless it’s so dirty it smells,or you have shallow friends who aren’t really your friends, but that’s another story).

Hair Down, Dress On

On my 101/1001 list, I have “wear a skirt or dress every day for a week,” “wear the same outfit every day for a week,” and “wear my hair down every day for a week.”

So, decided to do those, get them out of the way. I hate wearing my hair down (it gets in my face), but the whole point of the 101/1001 project is to get out of my comfort zone and try new things.

What’s the motivation behind the one outfit thing? you may ask. Well, a couple things, one we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time (this will give me a chance to start evaluating what I actually need before I cut down on what I have), plus who will actually notice what I wear? Isn’t the reason we own so many clothes because we worry what other people are thinking? What if no one actually cares about what you’re wearing because they are so preoccupied with what you think about what they’re wearing? How would that change your view on your wardrobe, spending habits, and how much time you spend in the morning picking out clothes?

I was in the Army for 8 years, and I wore a uniform every day to work. There was no stress over what I should wear to impress the other women that day, no worries about “does this make my butt look big.” Less stress. I want less stress in my life. I’m hoping my experiment with civilian clothes will help me toward this goal.

Picture to come soon, but just so you know, I’m wearing a guava colored strapless dress with capri length leggings and a long-sleeved black cardigan. I may cheat and bust out a short-sleeved white cardigan if it gets too hot here, but the dress will be the same.

OMGosh! New Year’s Resolutions!!



YES!!!! It’s that time again, time to make our New Year’s Resolutions (NYR).

I love beginnings. I admit I like starting projects on Mondays, and the first day of the month, and I get downright giddy when the first of the month falls on a Monday. Sadly, the new year and the new month fall on a Sunday, but it doesn’t change the fact that I love the first day of a new month, and the beginning of a new year is just a bonus.My excitement for the new year is less about the year and more about the month.

That said, my NYRs include completing half my 101/1001 list, and going Paleo/Primal (and at least getting my kids gluten-free since from what I read, GF can help children with difficulties focusing). And, ok, I admit it, my other NYR is also the number one NYR in the country, lose weight (about 10 lbs, and I will be talking about it here, yay for you LOL!). Oh, and finish decluttering and getting organized (Christmas didn’t set back my progress as much as I feared).

I just bought the book The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, as well as his cookbook The Primal Blueprint Cookbook, but my real first step will be throwing out the processed stuff and only eating real food. Processed stuff masquerades as “healthy” with its low-fat and low-calorie label, so don’t think that just because you cut out your Chips Ahoy and switched to organic low-fat cookies that you’re really doing your self a favor, it’s still junk.

As for the fitness aspect, of course I plan on teaching Turbo Kick (and I’m going to get certified to teach PiYo as well), and even though it goes against Mark’s teachings, I also have a half marathon lined up a couple months from now (I don’t expect to lose a pound while training for that). What Mark DOES suggest is sprinting, or some other High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which my favorite DVD series, Turbo Fire, has. I plan on using the shorter HIIT workouts when I don’t feel like sprinting outside (it gets really, REALLY HOT in the summer here).

So what are YOUR New Year’s Resolutions?


Working On A Website…

Since I’m under the impression I’m not allowed to advertize my business on Word Press (boo), I decided to go build a website dedicated to my business, where I can put as many ads as I want (so there, Word Press *sticks out tongue*).

The hardest part was figuring out layout. Even with completely customizable templates, I still found this a challenge. Fortunately I had quite a few sites for inspiration, so I cherry-picked my favorites from these sites and made them my own.

My goal is to have it up and running no later than tomorrow night. Of course I will post a link here, and I will still update this blog (I may disagree with not being allowed to post links and affiliate sites on the blog that I PAID MONEY FOR, but I love WP’s layout and easy-to-use dashboard).

Alright, I need to fold laundry and get ready for my very busy day tomorrow. I have that site to finish, plus I need to de-junk my youngest son’s room in anticipation of my parents coming to visit around Christmas! And of course the usual Monday morning house cleaning I do to restore some order after the weekend.

What are your big plans for the week? Any of them include working toward your goals? What are your goals for the next 12 months?

Turbo Kick!

Real quick note, I took the eight hour Turbo Kick Instructor’s Course today, and I passed! I still have a lot of practicing to do, still need to memorize the round, and I still need to audition for a job 🙂

But I did it! I’m so excited! And tired, and I still need to jump in the shower (I love all five of my readers enough to hold off on a shower for a few minutes to share my joy!).

So, Twilight…

I admit that I am the only person in the US who has not seen this movie. I still haven’t but I wanted to see what all the swooning was about, so last week I picked up the book “Twilight” from the library.

The writing isn’t very good (don’t say it, I KNOW I’m not good enough to be an author), but the story itself isn’t too bad. Not any more jerky than stuff I write.

The only parts of the story the author does well, really well, IMO, is the intense electricity between Bella and Edward. I don’t understand where the “Team Jacob” thing come into play. I guess it’s in the next book.

Overall, I’ve read better written stories (bosom-heaving, bodice-ripping, throbbing-member romance novels that can be churned out by a bored housewife in a week), but at least I don’t feel stupider for having read it (unlike the sad garbage posted on Lamebook. There was actually a young person who thought the sun was behind the moon and the moon/sun combo rotated around the earth. Why are my taxes going to public schools again?).

Anyway, another book down on my quest to read 100 books before the end of 1001 days!


My first full day of only drinking water (and not spending money) was a success! It was hard not stopping by the Starbucks first thing in the morning like I do every morning. Sadly I replaced the time I would have spent at Starbucks with time on the interweb.

I was so exhausted most of the day. But I am convinced that once I get the caffeine out of my system and kick both the physiological and psychological habit, I’ll be golden. If I drink more water than I did today, that should help with the fatigue as well.

One day down, 46 to go! I can do this water-only thing!