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I know most people celebrate Halloween, so on that theme of scary things, a scary thing I discovered a couple weeks ago is that I was 24 pounds heavier than when I finished my gym’s weight-loss challenge. What’s even more frightening is I had only lost 15 pounds to get to where I was in the pink bikini pic. Yes, I gained back ALL the weight I lost PLUS another almost 10 pounds!

As you may remember, I joined a gym a few weeks ago and I’ve been working out a few times a week while trying to cut back on all the sugar I consume (I quit coffee in September and unfortunately picked up a hot cocoa habit). I have been trying to add more veggies to every meal with the theory that if I add more of the good stuff, then the good stuff will eventually crowd out the not so good stuff. I’m trying to drink more water, take my vitamins, and I sure would like to get more sleep, but I need to actually carry out my pre-bedtime plan (no TV/internet , use my yellow blue-blocking glasses at least an hour before bed, only reading books or journaling or knitting in that hour, basically anything that winds my mind down and signals my brain that it’s almost time for sleep).

The little changes I have been making are helping though. I’m noticing my waist is getting a little smaller and my muscles are starting to peek out a little bit, and this morning the scale said I was down one pound. I’ll take it.


Ultimate Reset!? What The Heck Is That!?

Starting Monday, April 22, I will be starting something called “the ultimate reset,” which is a 21-day nutrition and supplement program that is supposed to clear out the toxins and restore your body to its “factory settings.” In addition to plant-based meals and a carefully thought-out supplement regimen, life style changes such as getting enough sleep and reducing stress are encouraged.

Now, I’m not sure how well this is going to work for me, since it emphasises a vegan diet. I have no problem with a vegan diet, every body is different, and some bodies can’t handle meat well, and my body doesn’t handle grains well, and I absolutely do not eat soy (personal reasons) which is why I try to follow a Primal/Paleo diet. Of course I have been indulging in a little too much dairy and sugar (in coffee and ice cream) and as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve put on about 5 lbs in the last two weeks, but even worse is my energy levels are down. A major side-effect that was reported by those doing the Ultimate Reset is all the energy.

Something else about the reset that I was a little nervous about was all the chopping and prepping. I’m a mom of four, so meals have to be quick. I guess I’m going to have to do all my chopping before bed, but that’s a good practice for keeping your diet clean anyway.

I’m so excited about the approved exercise program for the Ultimate Reset (but I’ll tell you about that tomorrow). Strenuous exercise is discouraged because it makes the toxins release at too high of a rate, which can be bad for your body supposedly. BUT, restorative yoga (I have three yoga DVDs, which I’ll post about later), walking, and a gentle workout like tai chi (which I will talk about tomorrow) are allowed.

In an effort to keep this short, if you want to read more about the Ultimate Reset, go here.

Have you done the Ultimate Reset? Are you thinking about it? Leave a comment!