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I know most people celebrate Halloween, so on that theme of scary things, a scary thing I discovered a couple weeks ago is that I was 24 pounds heavier than when I finished my gym’s weight-loss challenge. What’s even more frightening is I had only lost 15 pounds to get to where I was in the pink bikini pic. Yes, I gained back ALL the weight I lost PLUS another almost 10 pounds!

As you may remember, I joined a gym a few weeks ago and I’ve been working out a few times a week while trying to cut back on all the sugar I consume (I quit coffee in September and unfortunately picked up a hot cocoa habit). I have been trying to add more veggies to every meal with the theory that if I add more of the good stuff, then the good stuff will eventually crowd out the not so good stuff. I’m trying to drink more water, take my vitamins, and I sure would like to get more sleep, but I need to actually carry out my pre-bedtime plan (no TV/internet , use my yellow blue-blocking glasses at least an hour before bed, only reading books or journaling or knitting in that hour, basically anything that winds my mind down and signals my brain that it’s almost time for sleep).

The little changes I have been making are helping though. I’m noticing my waist is getting a little smaller and my muscles are starting to peek out a little bit, and this morning the scale said I was down one pound. I’ll take it.


Ok, Real Quick

Over the last couple months I have been busy attempting to lose weight for our upcoming beach trip, attempting to write my novel for NaNoWriMo (which I didn’t finish, but I will, because my sister thinks it’s a good story, good writing remains to be seen), and working on using up my personal care products with xenoestrogens and other icky stuff.

I broke down and joined a gym because, I admit, it’s really hard for me to stay motivated to work out at home. I like my new gym. I even joined their 12 week challenge, which starts in January. I hired a trainer, but only for four sessions, and only because the guy that signed me up assured me that this trainer can teach this old dog a new trick or two (we’ll see). Unfortunately, the trainer is hardcore into conventional wisdom when it comes to a healthy diet. After doing strict Paleo for a week and a half with my whole family, the change in my children’s behavior was a complete 180 for the better (not that they were unruly brats, but they weren’t as out of control of their actions, and my second son, who struggles with sitting still for more than 30 seconds, got a positive note home from his teacher about how his focus had improved), I can’t see how going back to the high grain, low fat diet is going to do us any favors (oh, I forgot to mention, I lost two pounds that first week without counting a single calorie and without a minute spent exercising). Showing my trainer my food log is going to be fun.

Unfortunately, I ran out of kid-friendly meal ideas, so we backslid into regular (crappy) eating, and of course their behavior has gone back to over-bouncy. And we’re about to spend a week with the in-laws who are so set in their ideas (as spoon-fed to them by the news and government officials), that they’d never get behind our gluten-free, soy-free, artificial colors/flavors/preservatives-free way of eating (especially since it is so new to us). Our trip is going to be fun //sarcasm//

So, I’m already looking forward to our trip home, and we haven’t even left yet. I’m excited to get back on track and finally get my health, and my family’s health, back!

I’ll do my obligatory New Year’s post in the next few days (I like setting new goals!).

Day 3 Of Primal Challenge

Big lesson here, remove garbage from house, restock fridge with real food, then begin challenge. I did none of that. But it’s okay! I have not veered too far off course (still drink coffee, with milk… drinking less though!).

I have felt off all week and I’m using that as my excuse for not exercising, or even walking. BUT! I have been shutting off the computer a couple hours before bed the last couple nights and have actually spent time chatting with my husband. Oh, how I love actually talking with him instead of watching some show on netflix with him! In turn, I’ve found it easier to get to sleep at night. I have a light filter on my computer that cuts the blue, cutting back on the negative stimulation of my brain, but even that hasn’t been as effective as just shutting off the computer. Plus, building relationships totally rocks! My husband is a funny, intelligent man, and I sincerely enjoy his company.

Gotta go! I need to get ready for my walk to and from picking up my older kids from school (easy way to get my long, slow movement in).


Primal Blueprint 21 Day Challenge

I have veered off healthier living and am trying desperately to get back into a good routine. Lately, the siren call of sugar-laden coffee drinks has been too loud to ignore, and over the last week or two I have found myself spending way too much money on liquid calories.


While looking for inspiration, I decided to check one of my favorite websites,, where lo and behold, the kick start I needed was at the top of the page.


For the next three weeks, I am committing to cutting out sugar (fruit doesn’t count), not drinking ANY coffee, and walking 30 minutes a day, every day. I’m really excited about the last one for sure, since it’s finally not sweltering around here in the morning, making for GORGEOUS weather! Of course, the walking is on top of the exercise at night. The walking thing isn’t supposed to make me sweat.


I have the book “The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation” as a reference.

This should be fun!


Movies, Ice Cream, and a Business Trip

My kids have been begging me for a while to take them to see the new Ice Age movie (I’ve only seen the first. It was lame and predictable). So yesterday, I did. And I ate popcorn and drank diet soda (more evil than HFCS soda). And I don’t feel bad about it. I asked myself, “Am I going to be embarrassed to  admit this to the people who read my blog?” And I said no. True, movie theater popcorn is GMO  trans-fat laden garbage that is nowhere Paleo or any other measure of healthy. BUT, my family only goes to the movies once or twice a year.




But then there was last night… Now, I don’t miss grains. Many people who go Paleo/primal say, “Oh, I miss my pasta/bread/cookies.” Not me. Ok, popcorn, but it’s not something I’d eat at home. My biggest weakness ever is ICE CREAM. Refined sugar is poison, I get that. I am unable to get a pint and not eat it in one sitting. But dang it, if I’m going to eat ice cream, I’m going to eat the whole dang pint, otherwise it doesn’t seem worth it to me. Of course, this morning, like every other morning after eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, I woke up feeling like I have a mild hangover, with grogginess and a headache. It happens EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. But I still pick up a pint at least once a month (but honestly, I go through periods where it’s twice a WEEK).


Moving on, this afternoon I’m leaving for Dallas for THE Mary Kay event of the year, Seminar! I’m so excited! I get to hang out with my friends from back home, dress cute all the time (I find it hard to do so with toddlers hanging off of me all the time at home), and learn how I can help other women reach their dreams!

The downside to this is I will be staying in a hotel and eating at restaurants. I think I have it figured out, just order plain grilled/baked meat with loads of veggies on the side… Except one rarely finds veggies on a breakfast menu unless it’s on an omelet. I like serving my scrambled eggs on a bed of lightly heated up cabbage and sauteed onions. I’m going to bring a few packets of Shakeology, but I’d like to have another option. *Sigh* I’ll figure it out.

One more thing I’m excited about, I’m going to wear my Vibram Five Fingers at the hotel gym! I admit I love it when people ask me about them!




Wednesday Weigh-In

When I first freaked out about my weight to weeks ago, I was at my highest in 9 years. Two weeks ago, I was 150. Last Wednesday, I was at 148.8 (I did nothing to try to lose weight). This morning, I was at 144.4! Still more than my usual (138-140), but I did gain that 10 lbs in two months, so I can’t expect to lose it all in two weeks.  Pics to come later this evening.



Top Ten Things That Have Helped Me Lose Weight This Week











This is my first foray into the “Tuesday Top Ten List” thingy, and I am so excited!

Top Ten Things I Did This Week To Help Me Lose 4 lbs

  1. I eat fat. I cook with butter, coconut oil and olive oil. The added fat keeps my food from digesting too fast.
  2. I eat protein at every meal.
  3. I eat a ton of veggies. I like feeling full (not stuffed though, that’s gross!). Plus veggies are full of fiber and water.
  4. I drink water. No soda, juice, milk (except a splash in my coffee, but I’m working on it).
  5. I eat chocolate, the expensive fair trade, organic, 80% cocoa kind, just one small square, after the kids go to bed so I can really sit and enjoy it.
  6. I don’t work out for more than 40 minutes. I find that if I work out too long, I get really hungry the rest of the day, not matter what I eat.
  7. I don’t eat grains. At all. I don’t miss them. I also am not sluggish, sad, or constipated, most likely because…
  8. I eat fruit when I get a snack attack in the afternoon. I’m really into plums right now.
  9. I try to go to bed at a decent time. I feel the need to eat when I’m over tired.
  10. I write this blog. Knowing that people are reading about what I’m doing keeps me accountable. Whenever I think about eating something when I’m not actually hungry, I think about how I’d have to write about it here, and that’s embarrassing!

So there ya have it. I’m not a nutrition expert, but I can read, and I enjoy experimenting on myself to see what works. I’m a never-ending project, and it’s fun!


Day One– Cauliflower Rice and Learning To Cook Again

Pic from Pretty much what my cauliflower rice looked like.



Day one is always they best, isn’t it? The motivational high you experience once your decision is made to change carries you past every temptation and even makes sucky things not seem so bad. For me, that’s cooking.
You see, chopping all those veggies and handling gooey raw chicken with grumpy hungry kids bickering in the next room is extremely unappealing to me. Couple that with kids who sometimes flat-out refuse to eat what I cook (and it’s always the meals I put time and effort into), and I get burnt-out real quick and resort to pre-made “food” that, with a simple removal from the package and thrown in the oven, is done with very little effort, leaving me with more time to keep the kids from killing each other.

Tonight though, I had my first day motivation, and was only slightly annoyed that I decided to take on that much chopping. I even handled raw chicken (quick side note, I will never, NEVER be a vegetarian/vegan. Tried a couple times, decided it was not for me). And then I learned that I kind of still suck at stir fry. My veggies always seem too soggy, I don’t know. Still edible though. And the kids ate it…
Oh, almost forgot, since I’m working toward a paleo/primal diet, I did not eat the rice I prepared for my family. I did, however, make cauliflower “rice.” It’s real simple, just put your shredding attachment in your food processor, then throw in cauliflower florets. Looks like rice, and can be eaten raw or lightly heated up. I heated mine up a little since I was mixing some of it in with one of my children’s rice (he asked for some of my “rice.” Yes, my child eats cauliflower). I have to say, I almost like cauli rice better than real rice (almost).

So now, my list of the good and the not so good. What went right today:

  • I was very careful about eating very clean
  • I drank lots of water
  • I chose not to eat out of boredom (though I did find myself in the fridge several times)

What I need to do better:

  • Drink less coffee. I strongly prefer my coffee with milk and a squirt of chocolate syrup (no, I did not throw it away yet)
  • I need to move more. Though today was a scheduled “no workout” day, I still need to stop sitting so much

Alright! I’m excited to start working out again tomorrow morning! My husband is feeling like a slug too, so he will be getting up with me, although he will be out running while I’m in the living room kicking and punching. But hey, he will make sure I get up on time!


Day Zero Of My Latest Weight-Loss Attempt

So motivated right now! This morning I made up our menu for the week with mostly meals from Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint Quick And Easy Meals. I splurged on grass-fed, free-range meat and some organic veggies (I decided I’d rather spend more on the meat than the veggies this time around, so the rest of the produce is the pesticide-laden fare).

My plan for losing 30 lbs by Christmas, when my in-laws will be taking my family to Cozumel is as follows-

  • Alternating TurboFire and PiYo five days a week
  • Making a point to move more than I sit throughout the day
  • Drinking water instead of my sugary coffee beverages
  • Eating real food 85% of the time (sometimes throwing frozen pizza in the oven is easier)
  • Weighing in once a week (here, on Wednesdays)


And that’s it! I don’t like things being too complicated, and losing a little more than a pound a week is a safe and sane rate of loss. After a couple weeks I will be doing a different set of workouts, just to keep things interesting. Of course I will let you know what I’m doing next during my weekly weigh-ins! I’m kind of nervous posting this on a very public place, but I’m hoping that’s the extra motivation I will need on days when I just don’t feel like doing anything.


Anyone want to join me on meeting this goal?




OMGosh! New Year’s Resolutions!!



YES!!!! It’s that time again, time to make our New Year’s Resolutions (NYR).

I love beginnings. I admit I like starting projects on Mondays, and the first day of the month, and I get downright giddy when the first of the month falls on a Monday. Sadly, the new year and the new month fall on a Sunday, but it doesn’t change the fact that I love the first day of a new month, and the beginning of a new year is just a bonus.My excitement for the new year is less about the year and more about the month.

That said, my NYRs include completing half my 101/1001 list, and going Paleo/Primal (and at least getting my kids gluten-free since from what I read, GF can help children with difficulties focusing). And, ok, I admit it, my other NYR is also the number one NYR in the country, lose weight (about 10 lbs, and I will be talking about it here, yay for you LOL!). Oh, and finish decluttering and getting organized (Christmas didn’t set back my progress as much as I feared).

I just bought the book The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, as well as his cookbook The Primal Blueprint Cookbook, but my real first step will be throwing out the processed stuff and only eating real food. Processed stuff masquerades as “healthy” with its low-fat and low-calorie label, so don’t think that just because you cut out your Chips Ahoy and switched to organic low-fat cookies that you’re really doing your self a favor, it’s still junk.

As for the fitness aspect, of course I plan on teaching Turbo Kick (and I’m going to get certified to teach PiYo as well), and even though it goes against Mark’s teachings, I also have a half marathon lined up a couple months from now (I don’t expect to lose a pound while training for that). What Mark DOES suggest is sprinting, or some other High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which my favorite DVD series, Turbo Fire, has. I plan on using the shorter HIIT workouts when I don’t feel like sprinting outside (it gets really, REALLY HOT in the summer here).

So what are YOUR New Year’s Resolutions?