Almost Doing Everything Right

This past week I worked out twice a day twice, and did two more days of single workouts. I did a longer, more intense workout on Saturday, and of course took a rest on Sunday. I didn’t eat out of boredom as often and I avoided desserts most days, and I added more water and drank less hot chocolate (I drink it instead of coffee, even though it is worse for my health than coffee).

I’m still not getting to bed as early as I’d like, and I still feel like I sit too much, but over all, I think I did already with the small changes, especially since my grandmother passed this past week and I took it pretty hard. It was weird because usually I eat to make myself feel better, but I just didn’t want to this time. This emotionally charged time, instead of eating, I started planning a novel based on my grandma’s amazing life. Maybe channeling my pain into something productive helped.

Oh, and despite trying to do everything right, I didn’t lose an ounce. If experience has taught me anything, however, is that the fat will melt off and it will show, it just takes a month for me. This knowledge does NOT make lack of progress any easier for my motivation, but I’m just going to keep on plugging along, looking at my progress pictures from my gym’s weight loss competition last January through April (about 90 days).

Pictures are seriously motivating. What helped me today was looking at old pictures. They reminded me that I can lose this weight again, because I’ve done it before. Bust out pictures of you when you were thinner or happier, or realistic pictures of other people who are a size you want to be (seriously, needs to be realistic because we can’t all look like Kate Moss, not that I’d want to, but maybe there’s a chance we could look like a fit, healthy friend or a fitness instructor at our gyms). Visualization is amazingly powerful, at least for me.